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Bangomatic 3 wood UST V2 hybrid stiff shaft

Hi Geoff, ,
Received today and was hitting is 240 yards with range balls ! Wow nice and forgiving and very long. Many thanks Brian

Geek No Brainer 10.5 deg HOF HD Reg shaft 44.5\"

Well I have had the new driver a few weeks now and I have to say I’m very impressed, as are my playing partners. Whereas I used to be consistently 10 yards (or more on a bad hit) behind them I’m now anything from 10yds - 40yds in front of them even with an off centre hit! They’re not happy! Probably some of this has come from, as you pointed out, the lower ball flight and increased roll over the FS3. Add in the fast running fairways and the No Brainer is bound to go further I guess. However, it definitely seems to give more air time and I’d probably agree with some of the reviews which say the it doesn’t feel anything special but it does hit it long. Even the off centre hits still go long. One of my bad shots is one that starts right and tails right. One of my faults is that I do occasionally get in front of the ball which will of course leave the club head slightly open at impact and thus send the ball to the right but I’m sorting myself out. First time I used the driver I sent it straight down the middle of the 8 holes I used it on and a couple of those were over 300yds but with a slight tail wind and fast running fairways that’s to be expected. The lower flight comes into its own into the wind and I play at quite an exposed course so it’s helping a lot there. Played last Saturday, just 9 holes with the boys as I couldn’t make the tee time but joined them on the 10th. Hit the No Brainer 4 times which is as many times as I’d hit a driver on the back 9 and hit every fairway. Anyway, the secret seems to be swing it smooth and let the club do the work (there’s a revelation!) as when I try and “go after it” the shot out to the right comes in. And does it go right! Balls land in a different postcode sometimes! But this has to be the best driver I’ve owned so thanks for that. Regards, Mike

Geek FS3 9 deg with UST Competition series stiff shaft

Hi Geoff/Jen,
Just thought I would send you a quick update re the failsafe driver I purchased. After a week or so of practice and a couple of bounce games I played the club champion in the first round of the club singles. I am 9 handicap and hit my irons well but have been struggling with an old Titleist driver. Cue the first hole at my club(par 5-500 yards) where I crunched the biggest drive of my life right down the middle and put a four iron onto the green for an easy birdie start. Followed swiftly by driving the 329yard par 4 3rd.....You get the point ! I missed one drive out of 11 beating him 3 and 1 with a gross score of 74 (par 71). The bottom line is this club has transformed my game. I have to admit to being rather skeptical when I read various testimonials but the ones about the Failsafe are bang on ! Dont be surprised if you have a flood of new orders from the Glasgow area as everyone says Geek, what on earth is that? swiftly followed by where can I get one after they have watched the ball rocket into the distance ! Anyway I will stop boring you, I just thought you would like to know of another satisfied customer as it is rare these days to find a company with excellent products, great customer service and employees passionate about their work. people are quick to complain but not so quick to praise so I thought I would take the time to write. Keep up the good work. Regards
Andrew J Phillips
P.S. Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you wish.

Geek FS3

Hi all,
Just a quick note to say thanks for the club, went down the range this evening and despite being a bit of a cynic was absolutely blown away by the FS3. Hit absolutely everything straight down the middle, reverted to my old driver for a couple to see if I was just having a good day and there was a much higher dispersion and definitely a bit shorter in length. The guy in the bay next to me was impressed so I gave him the details etc. If I ever need another driver I will be at your door immediately and may follow up with a 3 wood later in the year.

Jon Shenton

Geek FS3 9 deg with Prolaunch Blue reg shaft

First of all the change in color of the head from grey to black is a positive move and with the combination of the new shaft color the effect is stunning I know not all costumers will have it combination but like they say in the world of fashion - Black will go with anything . This combination gives you a club that benefits from a positive Hit! Still forgiving with off centre strikes but very easy to hit out of the middle I think the head shape encourages you to do that. There is definitely a difference in the noise when the ball comes off the club face, but thank God it sounds nothing like the some of the loud hollow noises you get from some of the clubs around like the cobra f series. This is much more of a solid crack/smack. Ive never been one to try to impress people by the sound my club makes is much more satisfying when your playing partners are saying Great strike Took it out in competition for the first time on sat gross 78 net 69 the course is a par 71 so not bad for the first time in difficult conditions those being wind and rain. Do I like it? YES, problem is what do I do with my FS2?? Haha.

Lots of people have asked me about my Geek clubs and I have told them to get in contact or go on your website which they have done, it s just a shame that they can t try before they buy.

Anyway all the best Rick

DCT 9 degree UST V2 75

Dear Geoff,

I really wanted to say how great a driver the Geek DCT is !! I took my time to practice it on a few different golf courses and it has made a huge difference on my game. I have not gained much distance (15 yards maybe, which is still very valuable !) but I have never hit so straight : 85% of hit fairways on average ! The shaft (Pro V2 75 gr) is great also, seems very flexible but my trajectory is definitely lower than before, which was what I was looking for.

What else can I say ? Just a great driver, great price ...


Arnaud in France.

Geek Golf Dot Com This 10.5 degrees

Hi Geoff,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for this driver head.
I tipped a Tour Spec Fuji Speeder 757 stiff shaft 1/2 inch, FLOd it and then used a tip weight and some lead to get the driver to D2 at 44 inches.
It went head to head with my J33r yesterday and it was no contest! I do not think I will be looking at other drivers for years.
I have not been this excited about a new club in years!

Thanks again,

GEEK DCT 12 degrees Acuflex Assassin 2 regular flex shaft

hi Geoff, just to let you know this is a really great driver, about 10 yds longer than my ping G5,and a lot straighter. Thanks again for a great product, and excellent customer service, will be recommending your company to others. thanks, David.

BangOMatic 3 wood with Aldila NV75 stiff shaft

I hit the 3 wood and shook hands with God that is one kickass instrument it flys as far as my old driver (waahooo).

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